EARTH BIRTH was my first completed venture in the lands of RPG Maker. It is a fan sequel to the beautiful and wonderful SPACE FUNERAL made by legendary internet game creator, thecatamites. It is a whimsical venture, however it has DARK THEMES and NAUGHTY WORDS so don't let Little Jimmy play it.

EARTH BIRTH was generally well recieved by the fabulous SPACE FUNERAL FANDOM, though some complain that it's too similar to the original. Others say it deviates too much. Goldilocks, however, finds it to be juuuuust right.

Join our heroes PHILLIP and LEG HORSE as a satanic ritual summons them from their purified land of SPACE FUNERAL into the corrupt land of EARTH BIRTH, where the evil forces of SCIENCE threaten to overtake the evil forces of superstition. Who will win? It is a mystery only playing the game will answer.

"good videogame... environments were crazy inventive... plane of dog... holy shit... music was good also... canon... canon..."